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Political Joy? Is it possible??

Political Joy? Is it possible??

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As my Sufi friends would say: "Ya Hu!"

It was a joy to be in a jam-packed bar last night, where Troubletown's Lloyd Dangle put chocolate dipped madelines on states Obama had won, and saltine crackers on McCain states.

It was a joy to cheer and scream and kiss and dance along with everyone else in said bar, as we realized the race had been called. It was a relief... As I said to my friends, despite knowing that Obama is likely not the messiah and that he has inherited a mess, I could never finish the sentence "If Obama doesn't win..." because the thought of that was too terrible for this Utopian Anarchist.

It was a joy to go through city streets filled with cheering, dancing people.

Proposition 8 passed, and that gives great frustration to my belly, but the fact that within 15 seconds of his acceptance speech, Obama used the words "gay or straight" when referring to Americans, gives me a little bit of hope. The race for civil rights for all is not over.

And in California, we voted to help the farm animals. I feel grateful for that, as at least another vote against torture.

There is still a lot of work to be done in this world, but hopefully, it will become easier. Hopefully, the world will learn to trust our country again. Hopefully, we will learn honor.

I'll still be working my protection spells for Obama. Every time I see his image, I send him the energy of protection, and project the elhhaz rune at him. Upright, it protects, upside down, it is our symbol of peace. Let's make sure he remains safe all during the transition and inauguration (and always), because unfortunately, like homophobia, racism ain't over.

But hopefully, as the president elect has enjoined us to, we can change.

And tonight, my celebration will continue with Finnish Pagan Metal band Turisas (named for the :ahem: Thorn rune) whom I saw years ago in Holland. I am so excited as they are over-the-top campy and fabulous!

Blessed be. Ya Hu. And bang your head!

And a late edit because I forgot: Happy V for Vendetta day!
  • I am weaving protection for him and his entire family into all my prayers.

    I think a lot of blacks folks like myself are waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are afraid to dream, to hope, to believe ... my neighbor just called me, she is in shock. I think a lot of us old timers are on the brink of tears today over and over again. We/I am so afraid for him.

    All I keep seeing are images of Malcolm/Martin/Bobby/... and all the others who were struck down ... my heart is reeling with both joy and stark terror.

    Goddess protect Obama and all of us who are daring to dream once again after a long, long trek through a blood stained valley on our march toward Zion.

    a still crying Katrina
  • Last night soon after I realized that Obama had won I also began a spell of protection for him.....

    I also dedicated and sang the song, "Shining Star" by Switchblade Symphony in his honor.

    It just felt right,


  • Woo-hoo Prop2!
  • and they are touring with Dragonforce... you will DIE laughing with delight when you hear them!! :D
  • Joy and Balance

    I'm pretty happy about it, but Occultist must also approach this with sobriety as well. No politician is a messiah that can solve the problems within ourselves. There is a great potential and possibility underneath an Obama presidency to carve out new smooth space for progressive change, but that doesn't, in any way, negate the centrality of inner work and development.

    Human's too easily give their sovereignty over to leaders. We must relate to Obama as a trusted collaborator, but not as one who will "Fix It" and create the "Utopia" that only becomes possible when a Utopia blossoms within our own hearts and minds.

    • Re: Joy and Balance

      Of course. As you know me, and my writing, you'll know I have no quibbles with what you say here.

      I also want a day to enjoy a lack of political cynicism for once.
      • Re: Joy and Balance

        But where are we going to get our political humor from? Bush made such great fodder!
        • Re: Joy and Balance

          That's why last night, the Daily Show were all panicking. They figured they were out of a job now.
  • One of the reasons I felt I could vote for Obama is that he really seems to the the LGB and T community issues. Unlike the HRC, Obama would support gender identity in ENDA.

    I actually gave money to his campaign.

    I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll make changes I support, especially in the queer community.
    • He is against gay marriage. He believes that separate is equal - that civil unions are good enough.

    • This is true *and* he's voted time and again for LGB and T rights. Even being pro civil unions is pretty big.
      • it's a big dream - but small dreams go nowhere

        It is - but it is not even as progressive as the states which have already legalized gay marriages and the acceptance of those marriages performed in other states.

        His parents were able to marry because interracial marriage laws were changed. Time for him to pass on the favor.
    • I don't believe there should be State recognized marriages at all.

      We should all have civil unions, or be able to make contracts regarding all of the rights that are currently assigned under marriage.

      So I don't have a problem with Obama on that issue.
      • I agree with you on this. Marriage is a spiritual act, not a civil one.
      • Yes - but iour society doesn't work that way.

        So if you personally don't want to take advantage of a right, you are less inclined to support it?

        I get that.
        • Who said anything about not supporting gay marriage here?

          If you've read any of my posts on the issue, you know that I support equal rights for all citizens. You know that I voted No on Prop 8. You know that I'm sending money to the ACLU to help them fight the outcome of the vote. Just because I don't think the govt should necessarily support marriage at all, doesn't mean I won't work for equality.

          I do attempt to work with the govt we have, despite not agreeing with it. Because abolishing govt sanctioned marriages in favor of civil unions is not likely to happen any time soon, I therefore support the rights to all marriages, queer or otherwise.
          • Sorry, T, should have been more clear. I was replying to bolowolf, and will leave it at that.

            Clearly the conversations will continue - as will, hopefully, repairing some of the breaches in various marginalized communities which resulted in so many people voting for Obama but against their gay neighbors.

            • I see I mis-read the "thread" flow here.

              Much work to be done on all fronts. I don't get voting against the constitution, especially when it doesn't affect your personal rights one bit.
        • What you said may be true for some people, but its not for me.

          Look, I'm torn. The government has contracted with religious organizations to carry out this thing called marriage that comes with certain benefits.
          I see this as a problem of the separation of Church and State. So we should all have civil unions or some sort of other contracts.

          And you say our society doesn't work that way. But I think that's the way it should. So I could support gay marriage, but I feel like that's defeating myself. I have to choose between two values. My idealistic self says we should all have civil unions.

          Let's also look at some other things. Are there any candidates out there who supported gay marriage? None that I know of. If there were, is there any chance they were going to get elected? No. So voting for Obama is still the best option.

  • I'll still be working my protection spells for Obama. Every time I see his image, I send him the energy of protection, and project the elhhaz rune at him.

    I've been sending elhaz to Obama, too. (I call it "algiz," but same difference.) Since that rune is one that is frequently used by white supremest groups, I've been enjoying subverting that energy current and using it for protection. And, algiz conveys the grace, mastery and strength of the stag.
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