yezida (yezida) wrote,

Political Joy? Is it possible??

As my Sufi friends would say: "Ya Hu!"

It was a joy to be in a jam-packed bar last night, where Troubletown's Lloyd Dangle put chocolate dipped madelines on states Obama had won, and saltine crackers on McCain states.

It was a joy to cheer and scream and kiss and dance along with everyone else in said bar, as we realized the race had been called. It was a relief... As I said to my friends, despite knowing that Obama is likely not the messiah and that he has inherited a mess, I could never finish the sentence "If Obama doesn't win..." because the thought of that was too terrible for this Utopian Anarchist.

It was a joy to go through city streets filled with cheering, dancing people.

Proposition 8 passed, and that gives great frustration to my belly, but the fact that within 15 seconds of his acceptance speech, Obama used the words "gay or straight" when referring to Americans, gives me a little bit of hope. The race for civil rights for all is not over.

And in California, we voted to help the farm animals. I feel grateful for that, as at least another vote against torture.

There is still a lot of work to be done in this world, but hopefully, it will become easier. Hopefully, the world will learn to trust our country again. Hopefully, we will learn honor.

I'll still be working my protection spells for Obama. Every time I see his image, I send him the energy of protection, and project the elhhaz rune at him. Upright, it protects, upside down, it is our symbol of peace. Let's make sure he remains safe all during the transition and inauguration (and always), because unfortunately, like homophobia, racism ain't over.

But hopefully, as the president elect has enjoined us to, we can change.

And tonight, my celebration will continue with Finnish Pagan Metal band Turisas (named for the :ahem: Thorn rune) whom I saw years ago in Holland. I am so excited as they are over-the-top campy and fabulous!

Blessed be. Ya Hu. And bang your head!

And a late edit because I forgot: Happy V for Vendetta day!
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