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The Supreme Debacle

The Supreme Debacle

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Usually I don't write blogs two days in a row, but sometimes the situation calls for it. I interrupt your current meditation practice for a wee bit of politix:

Other than providing fabulous fodder for Stephen Colbert, there's nothing much funny about today's Supreme Court decision. Rather than wade my way through the petitions already circling the net, trying to ascertain if they make sense - or figuring out the best way to storm the gates of the Supreme Court before going out of town again on Sunday - I took a moment and wrote to my local representative, Barbara Lee. It seemed like something I could do at 10:30pm on a rainy Thursday:

Rep. Lee,

Thank you for all of your work.

Is there anything that you as a Representative - or I as a citizen - can do to help overturn the Supreme Court decision giving corporations the same free speech rights as an individual, thus paving the way for abuses of campaign finance among many other possible cascading problems?

My friends and I are very concerned, petitions are already flying around the internet, and I would like to know if you have any advice for us, and if there is anything you plan on doing to rectify this situation.

thank you - T. Thorn Coyle
  • The whole situation is very distressing...

    If you find out anything good/useful, do let us know! I'm in an odd jurisdictional situation at present, but if there were something that could be done by anyone/everyone, I'd be very much up for doing so...
  • please keep us posted if Rep. Lee responds and in what fashion.

    this scares me. Makes me want to ostrich, badly.
  • What we really need to do is remove the rights of 'personhood' from corporations.
    • yes we do. But via what means? That is part of what I'm trying to get answers for.
      • Apparently, governments have the right to dissolve articles of incorporation...the problem is that they don't.

        And now corporations run everything because they have the money and so they have the influence over those who make the laws meant to govern them. This will just make it all the worse, IMHO.

        I've often likened modern corporations to the old noblity-peasant class system of hundreds of years ago. The corporations are the robber barons who own the land and pretty much have absolute power and the rest of us are the serfs. Hm...let me see what happened? Well, in the 1300's there were plenty of peasant uprisings to go around.

        What goes around comes around...

      • Maybe the Supreme Court is part of a secret vanguard, and they are trying to heighten the contradictions?
    • I agree entirely. If a corporation has the rights of an individual citizen, then it needs to have the responsibilities and be held accountable for its actions the same as any singular individual. Instead of what happens now...

      OR, yes, just take away that right because a corporation is NOT an individual and should never have been given that right.

      • Doing that will be like pulling teeth, but it really has to be done, or we all lose big time.

        Of course, the practical, logical part of me believes that We The People will finally get fed up with all the corporate noise, break trust with anyone who stinks of their money, and get our country back that way.

        Maybe. That is- if the corporations who own our Internet access rights don't silence us when we start actually moving against them.

        It's going to be an interesting decade. Hide (blog!) and watch.
  • It looks like the decision itself was a nightmare, with justices dissenting and concurring with different parts and I think no justice concurring with the whole decision. I hope this means within a year the Supreme Court will overturn itself just because the precarious weight of consensus slips a little to the left, but I agree, that's not a permanent solution. Corporations are obviously NOT persons, and they shouldn't have the rights of people--at least not without being subject to the same responsibilities. I agree with JMG on this point--if corporations are going to be granted the rights of people, they need to be subject to criminal law like people, such that a corporation convicted of murder may be subject to the death penalty (dissolution, with its assets seized), and one convicted of theft may be subject to imprisonment (seized by the state for a period of time, with its profits reverting to the wronged parties).
    • oooooh lovely! not gonna happen, but such a nice thought.
      • If we could give corporations a choice--rights and responsibilities of personhood, or no rights of personhood--which do you think they'd pick? I'm betting the former.
    • ---OOOH I *Like* that Idea--Imagine the stink it would make!
      --they might even be willing to give up 'personhood' rather than be held accountable.

      And if corporations are 'persons', what about trees? Rivers?
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