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Here I am, trying to leave North Carolina (where it is starting to snow) and finally spoke with chaplain Patrick McCollum who tried to leave me a message yesterday. Big news folks: California is siding with religious extremists. We have a chance now to fight this if we choose. Make some noise!
  • Thank you for linking this. I've posted it to Twitter/FB, so hopefully I can help get the word out.
  • The civil rights law clinic I work at co-wrote an amicus brief for this case!

    CDCR welcomes just about anyone's help in their quest to avoid accountability for prisoners' rights. No surprise there.
  • I saw that post and immediately began spreading the word about it. If word could be gotten back to him on what are the best ways to support him...? Insofar as any kind of support: monetary, legal, word-spreading, "good vibes," and so on. I have no way to send money (poor art student), but I can spread word to those who do.
  • I'm in Chapel Hill, NC. If you get tragically snowed in here.........friendly faces aren't too far! LOL
  • Do you know, can non-Californians write and make a difference with this, or will these officials only be interested in their own constituents?
    • Not sure. I will check. This case can be precedent setting, so it seems like help from all corners is good.

      the *good* news is that it will go through the 9th circuit, which is fairly 'liberal', and the ridiculousness of the statements is a bonus!
      • Don't you love it when they shoot themselves in the foot like that! ;)

        In any case, yes, I'll look for further updates and see what can be done on the non-Californian end (besides praying for success!)!
        • http://www.circlesanctuary.org/liberty/pmccollum/
          • Excellent! Thank you for that! I've written one, and will do the others very soon!
            • Well, that's a little bit frustrating...

              I wrote to Jerry Brown (which was very easy), and also to Arnold (which was relatively easy), but Secretary Cate's page doesn't seem to have a straight-forward means of contacting him or his office, nor does the rest of the site (except for prisoner- and issue-specific matters). That's truly unfortunate, as he seems to be the one most directly responsible for these matters. Hmm...

              Well, I hope two out of three will be helpful, as well as wishing Patrick the best on this and keeping him in our prayers!

              And thank you for passing along all of this excellent info!
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