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Peacock Dreams

Hummingbird Heart

Hummingbird Heart

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Prose Poem for This Day

Look to the sky this fine day and ask yourself, "What is important to me now?"

The heart beating in your chest is lugubrious compared to that of the hummingbird, yet they are both beating hearts. You both are breathing. What miracle of connection lies in wait for you? Reach out and touch the sky. Touch your chest. There is nothing here through which the sacred does not flow. Flourescent lights. The barking dog. The tapping of computer keys. Manzanita. Coming storm. Sounds of distant cars...

You are creation. What shall you create? You are the giving over and the gift. Take your life and eat it whole, with relishing delight. With honor. The sacred is ever potential.

Be. Coming. Be. Coming. Be.
  • ; ) Ah Thorn you words are always so refreshing to my questioning and seeking heart ...
    BB, Tim
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