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Peacock Dreams

Late Summer into Fall (Northern Hemisphere)

Late Summer into Fall (Northern Hemisphere)

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This summer has flown here in the Northern Hemisphere which puts me in mind of the endless summers of childhood, where time seemed to stretch in an eternity of bicycle rides taken, books read and ice cream eaten. Time spins quickly these days, and I have a lot of exciting changes happening in my life and work.

First of all, I’ve made changes to the Morningstar Mystery School that have been long in coming. It is being redesigned to more accurately reflect the stream of my teaching and studies. My guidance on this matter comes my connection to the Gods and God Herself, but primarily from my own God Soul. My work can no longer be held in even so porous, forgiving and strong a container as Feri Tradition is, therefore, I will no longer be teaching regularly within that tradition. My roots remain in Feri, but they are also in Gurdjieff and Sufism. My influences are of the Craft, but they are also of Kabbalah, Buddhism, Hinduism, Thelema, and mysticism of all traditions. My primary influences are of course the changes in my own heart and soul from practice, my Guides, my God Soul and my Contact, LVX. The glimmerings of this shift can be seen on my Teachings page, in new workshops such as “Turn on Your (Psychic) Light”, and in the expansion of my Spiritual Direction practice.

Speaking of time moving rapidly, for you fans of Elemental Castings I apologize for the spotty podcast schedule. We’ve been having trouble juggling people’s calendars but will hopefully be back on track by next month. Meanwhile, here's Jacqueline Forman of "Your Mental Health" interviewing me on BlogTalkRadio.

Other News from Thorn:

"Creating Ecstatic Ritual" is in Denver next weekend. If you wish to attend, please call Spiritwise Gifts.

If the Bonny Doon fires abate, Thorn will appear in concert with Sharon Knight in Ben Lomond and Santa Cruz August 30 weekend, as well as teaching "Your Divine Work" at Serpent's Kiss.

The on-line course “Crafting a Daily Practice” will convene from September 28 – November 22 for a sliding scale of $125 - $65. Those paying at the top of the scale help those who need to pay less. Check the Calendar page later today for updates on this and the many regional workshops available.

Thorn was named a Shining Star in the Visionaries section of Jason Pitzl-Waters article “The Brightest Lights in Our Sky” in PanGaia issue 50. Kissing the Limitless got a great review in the most recent Thorn (no relation!) Magazine and has an article on initiation entitled “Opening the Mystery” in the same. She also interviewed R. J. Stewart for the forthcoming Witches and Pagans.

Thorn is now offering one-year training programs that will meet quarterly, with ongoing online support. Morningstar Mystery School White Cord training is designed to help people open to their psychic abilities, work well with energy, centering, and boundary techniques, and establish a strong daily spiritual practice. It will teach the mystery of personal awareness, and the practices of presence and soul alignment, enabling individuals of any esoteric tradition to deepen and solidify their spiritual work.

For those wishing to deepen and continue, Blue Cord and Gold Cord trainings will be offered. Descriptions of these can be found on the Teachings page.

I hope your life is going well, and that you are finding your own ways to spread the light that lives within. Be it winter or summer where you are, may you be blessed.
  • Om

    Good for you merging and melding your eclectic passions into a New Thing
    We have been involved with such things- almost everything you mention (did you say Voodoo?) as well- and after many years you are a new flower so your teaching, writing or whatever can not be held in one container

    Great to see that

    Jai Ma!

  • O The Alchemy!

    She, They, life work that alchemy on us. Blessings & all Good Wishes on your path of teaching from your Black Heart!

    But I'm kinda just a little sad that Feri isn't from where or within where you'll be teaching. Because you're a good Feri teacher...

  • Every step forward is a step further on your own path. I am proud of you for taking a road less traveled, and for allowing us to come along and enjoy it with you.

    You are an amazing and gifted teacher, and your wisdom needs no specific tradition to be appreciated and valued.

    Brava - my friend - brava!
  • I am excited to read about the restructuring of Morning Star. I hope to be in a place next year to begin this type of training. My work on getting my "house" in order is coming along well. New patterns have been laid that feel like old habits now (healthy ones!), while others are still somewhat a challenge they are no longer a brick wall.

    And yes, summer has flown by this year!
  • I just wanted to say .... good job for listening ... :) It takes a lot to step out and follow your hearts calling. This may seem odd lol -- but it happend -- I had a dream with you in it a couple nights back ( never meet you nor really even spoke with you , knowing you only through Feri ) which btw-- IM a Feri student studying under Cornelia. Anywho -- in this dream was you wearing this most gorgeous red gown, the location was a stuido with glass walls on all four sides. And in the center of the room was you, Thorn, dancing away to her own tune : ) lol -- I sensed your eyes and direction was towards the stars, even though people kept walking by and looking in, trying to figure out what the hell you where up to, or why this woman seemed so devoted, seemed so in awe, so connected -- not everyone understood. But that didnt matter you kept dancing.

    I wish you well , Tim
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