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Peacock Dreams

To Say

To Say

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Light enters darkness through me, in me and of me. The limitless is found in the specific – do not attempt to transcend. Transcendence is a trap that will keep you bound forever. Transcendence is the attempt to bypass knowledge of all my parts, to keep the unclean at bay, to leave the unhealthy behind. This is a mistake. Matter is not fallen. Nor is matter only sacred – it is as prone to disconnection as anything. Matter, spirit, intellect, emotion – all must be enfolded in the arms of integration. The Witch or Magician of integrity is the Witch or Magician who is of help to herself and others.

The universal is found through the specific, not beyond it. Easy to say, but often not done.

- from a work in progress
  • Light enters darkness through me, in me and of me.

    So many times I am the darkness. All these years and I still find that hard to accept. I am a work in progress.
  • We see that in the the process of "individuation" the aspirant rarifies their own intrinsic properties in order to return to the social-neural web of participation, freed from the subjective limitations & illusions of the subjective Ego-Self. "Transcendence" is from the nature of the Ego and its trappings, and its death & rebirth as a clairified spiritual vehicle are essential steps in this process, which is an endless spiral of Work of Light on matter. "Success" as they say, happens once at the final transcendence of the material plane.

    > from a reply in progress :)
  • Beautiful words. You light a flame that gutters harshly against the often challenging gusts of living day to day as a human in this amazing yet sometimes startlingly hideous World.
  • Matter, spirit, intellect, emotion – all must be enfolded in the arms of integration.

    With the concepts of our current culture, it is easy to forget that all things must come into balance. So much of the spiritual perspective is reflecting the scientific perspective at the moment:

    If we find a new and better way of doing things we must reject the old way as faulty. Advance!

    It reminds me of a beautiful line from the Tao Te Ching:
    "The universe is sacred.
    You cannot improve it.
    If you try to change it, you will ruin it.
    If you try to hold it, you will lose it."

    Thanks for putting this reminder in such beautiful prose.
  • Up and Down the Ladder of Lights

    The key for me is the right balance of Transcendence and Immanence. Immanence without a higher ground buries you in the details. Transcendence without immanence is a rocket to the moon with no return ticket.

    Rudolph Steiner had an interesting theory concerning the two forces of false consciousness in the world, which he thought were actually sentient forms of "evil."

    According to Steiner, Lucifer is the energy that induces transcendent escapism. Always pushing mankind higher and higher, further and further, until he is lost in the realm of alienated abstraction cut off from feeling and embodied experience.

    Ahriman is the spirit of materialism that calls humanity deeper into the matrix of matter. Decoupling mankind from any higher aspiration, it buries the mind in the mundane, forcing identification with materiality as the highest.

    The key for Steiner was finding the balance point of natural, organic life as an evolutionary process that implies the transcendent within the immanent and the immanent striving for the transcendent.

    As always, equilibrium is the basis of the work.
  • Thorn, this post reminded me of something I was thinking about relative to the terms you use in your teaching and writing. Integration and integrity.

    When you talked of integrity, I heard "honesty" and things like that. I've been realizing many other dimensions to integrity that I did not "get" a couple of years ago. For example, in my work I see integrity and pride going hand in hand. Being properly proud, in the IP sense, is all about living with integrity and being exactly who you are.

    Integration is also a word you use a lot. And initially I approached it only from the perspective of integration of the triple soul and integration of shadow parts of myself back into the rest of me. But I'm also starting to grasp more layers to that than I did before.

    I've been pondering integrity and integration. Same roots to those words. I've come at each one from a different perspective. Yet I didn't see them as related in this work a couple of yers ago. Now I see bringing all the parts of myself together in wholeness as, again, completely tied up in being exactly who I am and having integrity and being utterly true to that. "Know thyself." But not just know oneself. Be oneself. Portray oneself. Project oneself.

    I've been wondering if you had some thoughts on integrity and integration and their interrelationship.

    If you get a chance to write some on that, or post something from your book project on the subject, I'd love to read your thoughts.

    It was nice connecting with you a bit at Pantheacon and talking about warrior work. I have been specifically avoiding most other people's work in that area lately because I want to just follow this path and see where it leads me and what comes up for me. But I'm starting to move out of that space and back into a space of wanting to connect with others and see what realizations they are having.
    • I do have some stuff on that somewhere. I'll try to post on it later.

      off to Baltimore. Blessings
  • I've been working on this through my poetry lately. My creative writing teacher mentioned a William Carlos Williams quote I found inspiring - "You reach the universal through the particular."
  • I love this. -Oli
  • Oh, thank you. Again you have posted something I needed to read at a time when I very much needed to read it. Mind if I link to this post in my own LJ?
  • Surfed here and was so pleased to find these words-- this is my experience. Added you, hope that is ok. Thank you!
    well said
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